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Here are biography's on they young cast...

Harpsicord, Spinning

~~All Biography's are from the official "School of Rock" website and were written over a year ago, so the ages are probably not right~~
Joey Gaydos Jr.
Birthdate: April 18, 1991
Bio: JOEY GAYDOS (Zack, the lead guitar player) is making his film debut. The son of a professional musician, Gaydos got his first guitar for Christmas at the age of one, but it was not until he was eight that he took a serious interest in music and began taking private lessons. A participant in Dayjams, a well-known summer rock-and-roll camp, Gaydos formed a band called Badd Racquette with a friend, and they have since produced their own CD with nine original songs. Gaydos' musical influences include Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles
Miranda Cosgrove
Birthdate: May 14, 1993 
Bio:MIRANDA COSGROVE (Summer, the band manager) has appeared in numerous national ad campaigns including those for Coke, McDonald's and AT&T, and she will soon be a series regular on the upcoming Nickelodeon series "Drake and Josh." Cosgrove, age 10, who sings and plays the piano, also enjoys horseback riding and art lessons.
Kevin Clark
Birthdate: December 3, 1988
Bio: KEVIN CLARK (Freddy, the drummer) is 14 years old, but he had natural rhythm at the age of three and would drum along at community band concerts. He has since studied piano, violin, cello and guitar. Clark, a member of his school's jazz band and advanced band, also pursues private music lessons. He and a friend from camp started a band together called Blind.
Rebecca Brown
Birthdate: August 18, 1992
Bio: REBECCA BROWN (Katie, the bass player) is a natural musician, who began playing music at the age of four, Brown has since taken weekly lessons in classical guitar. She has appeared on "From the Top," the national radio program that features outstanding young musicians. Rebecca is also interested in computers, drawing, art and writing. Among her favorite musicians are classical guitarist John Williams and The Beatles.
Robert Tsai
Bio: ROBERT TSAI (Lawrence, the keyboard player) began piano lessons when he was almost six and practiced diligently for two years. After a local teacher told his parents about his strong potential, they found a renowned pianist and teacher named Dr. Julia Lam. Under her tutelage, Tsai began entering competitions and winning most of them. In the summer of 2002, he performed at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. He was selected to play on Public Radio International's "From the Top" radio program, which is how he came to the attention of the film's casting directors.
Maryam Hussan
Birthdate: January 27, 1993
Bio: MARYAM HUSSAN (Tomika, the shy singer) played the lead role of Dorothy in her school's production of "The Wiz" as a second grader, Hassan is making her professional acting and singing debut in "The School of Rock."
Caitlin Hale
Birthdate: 1991
Bio: CAITLIN HALE (Marta, the backup singer) has performed in regional theater, playing the lead role in "Annie," presented by Sacred Heart University. Performing since the second grade, Hale, now 12, has sung the national anthem at University of Connecticut men's and women's basketball games, and she performed the song at the New York State Republican convention. Her father Gary was a Connecticut State senator for four years and her mother is a school administrator.
Aleisha Allen
Birthdate: 1990 or 1991
Bio: ALEISHA ALLEN (Alicia, the backup singer) has been modeling for print and television ads since the age of four. As a six-year-old she appeared on the series "Blue's Clues," and later she became a series regular on the popular Disney TV show "Out of the Box" A singer and ballerina, Allen, now 12, has also appeared in the feature films "The Best Man" and "Finding Forrester."
Brian Falduto
Birthdate: 1992
Bio: BRIAN FALDUTO (Billy, the band stylist) has been taking music and voice lessons since the age of seven. He loves jazz and ballet and has performed in Livingston, New Jersey, production of "The Nutcracker." A chance meeting on a family vacation led to Falduto's film debut at age 11 in "The School of Rock." His favorite musical performers include Britney Spears, O-Town and Faith Hill.
Zachary Infante
Birthdate: May 1991
Bio: ZACHARY INFANTE (Gordon, the special effects wiz), now 12 years old, Infante was interested in acting as early as five. A talented singer, he has numerous commercials under his belt, including those for Nickelodeon and Disney. "The School of Rock" marks his movie debut.
James Hosey
Birthdate: 1992
Bio: JAMES HOSEY (Marco, the computer genius), now 11, drew attention at an early age because of his striking red hair and friendly face. He has since worked in almost 10 commercials, including an Office Depot spot that features astronaut Sally Ride. "The School of Rock" marks his motion picture debut.
Angelo Massagi
Birthdate: 1992
Bio: ANGELO MASSAGLI (Frankie, the band's head of security) began his career in commercials at the age of four, but it was his casting in CB'ew "Bill Cosby Show" that gave him the acting bug. Most recently, Massagli, now 11, has been seen as Bobby Jr., a recurring character on the HBO megahit "The Sopranos." He had a role in "Stuart Little 2" and has also made guest appearances in the television series "Third Watch" and "The Job."
Cole Hawkins
Birthdate: 1992
Bio: COLE HAWKINS (Leonard, band security) was discovered at the age of five as he distributed french fries to pretty women in an Old Navy store. At 11, Hawkins is considered "the veteran" by other kids in the cast because "The School of Rock" marks his seventh film. Hawkins' additional movie credits include "Music of the Heart," "Big Daddy," "Kate & Leopold," "Meet the Parents" and "Changing Lanes."  In addition, Hawkins has made guest appearances on "Third Watch" and "Law & Order" and has filmed numerous commercials including those for Verizon, AT&T, Chrysler, Cheerios and Kool-Aid. He memorized the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority's subway and bus routes when he was four and can give anyone directions for New York's transportation system. Hawkins wants to be an entertainment lawyer when he grows up.
Veronica Afflerbach
Birthdate: 1992
Bio: VERONICA AFFLERBACH (Eleni, the groupie) a cheerleader who has participated in school plays and a local theater workshop, Afflerbach, now 11, has done national commercials for Macy's and Lowe's, in addition to print ads for Pepsi, Target and the Gap. "The School of Rock" marks her film debut.
Jordan-Claire Green
Birthdate: 1992
Bio: JORDAN-CLAIRE GREEN (Michelle, the groupie), now 11, began violin lessons at the age of four and also takes piano and voice lessons, along with a full menu of dance classes, including tap, ballet, jazz and hip-hop. She has appeared in the film "Miracle Dogs" and also had a role in "Power Rangers."

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Hey, this is the ages of the kids of "School of Rock" now:
Joey Gaydos Jr. (Zack) = 13 years
Miranda Cosgrove (Summer) = 11 years
Kevin Alexander Clark (Freddy) = 16 years
Rebecca Brown (Katie) = 12 years
Robert Tsai (Lawrence) = 15 years
Maryam Hussan (Tomika) = 11 years
Aleisha Allen (Alicia) = 13 years
Caitlin Hale (Marta) = 13 years 
Jordan-Claire Green (Michelle) = 12 years
Veronica Afflerback (Eleni) = 12 years
Brian Falduto (Billy) = 12 years
Angelo Massagli (Frankie) = 12 years
Cole Hawkins (Leonard) = 12 years
James Hosey (Marco) = 12 years
Zachary Infante (Gordon) = 13 years

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!They've grown up sooooo much!!!!

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